Định hướng đào tạo của IHP không chỉ tập trung vào mục tiêu điểm số hay thành tích đơn thuần, mà mục tiêu cốt lõi của IHP là xây dựng cho các bạn phương pháp và lộ trình học phù hợp với từng cá nhân để các bạn thực sự cảm thấy yêu thích tiếng Anh cũng như tối ưu hoá được tính ứng dụng của nó trong cuộc sống.

Đúng với phương châm ”Học là phải vui – Vì vui thì mới bền”, các học viên tại IHP sẽ nhận được lộ trình học CÁ NHÂN HÓA, áp dụng theo phương pháp JOY Method (học qua những chủ đề, lĩnh vực yêu thích), từ đó giúp tăng niềm yêu thích khi học Tiếng Anh và đẩy nhanh thời gian tăng trình độ.

Nhờ phương pháp này, IHP đã có vô số những học sinh tiêu biểu, đạt kết quả cao trong kì thi IELTS, và đặc biệt, đã gia tăng niềm yêu thích Tiếng Anh đáng kể.

I have never studied so hard in my entire life. And I have also never been taken care of in such a meticulous and caring way. That is thanks to your personalised lesson plan and dedicated coaches. My initial goal was 6.5 after 3 months, but now I got 7.0. I am just over the moon. Honestly no words can describe my feelings, I can only pay my greatest gratitude to IHP. And I sure have to sign up for another Advanced course.

Pham Thao Quyen, Gia Lai

“At first I came to IHP just because Claire and I are friends, and I thought it would be impossible to get 6.5 in 3 months (I only got around 4.0 – 4.5 at the beginning because i had never learned IELTS before). But IHP gave me motivation, descipline and passion for English and IELTS.”

Tran Do Ha Anh, Hanoi

“My writing scores were once really bad, always standing at around 5.5 – 6.0. Coach Viet has taught me many insightful techniques, from brainstorming quickly to using advanced phrases. Coach Thao also gave me tons of useful tips about speaking. My passion for English has grown a lot since this course.”

Vu Pham Minh Ha, Hanoi

“The lesson plans gave me a chance to study every day, and thereby my English level has been improved in a natural and gradual way. Looking back, I don’t feel like I have studied English too much, it is just a habit and a hobby to me now.

Phan Minh Anh, Ho Chi Minh

”I have the experience of learning IELTS in different centers and being introduced to some teachers, however, I feel that I did not learn productively at that time. Some of them would give me the exam forecast, which was really perfunctory and easy to quit. I want to learn IELTS happily and voluntarily, and I really love the way Coach Claire shares about her study journey. ”

Pham Thi Phuong Lien, Hanoi

”IHP has given the inspiration to learn English. To me now, it is not only studying a language for exams, it is a way of broadening my horizon of knowledge of different fields. During my time here, my lesson plans were customized quickly and interestingly, and my classeses were really fun and motivational. Furthermore, the Masterclass event also brought me knowlege that I never thought I could learn at my age.”

Vu Su Khanh Linh, Hanoi

”Everyone here supported me a lot even after I ended my course. My accountability coach is also my best friend. My starting point was 5.5, and after 4 months, I got 7.0, which I considered a breakthrough in my study journey. In retrospect, I don’t regret choosing IHP as my learning partner.”

Le Huynh Kieu My, Ho Chi Minh

”Although I started stuyding here last year, I did not follow the lesson plans consistently because of my heavy schedule. However, with your support and motivation, the last months I tried my best and eventually I got 7.0. If I followed the plans more patiently, my score would have been better. Thank you for all the support!”

Tran Phuong Nga, Hanoi

”Even though my time with IHP was short, I could feel how the coaches valued each lesson as much as I did and personalized them according to my level and goals. The intensive daily study plan also helped me form the habit of learning every day. I believe it was one of the contributing factors to my progress in the course and enabled me to achieve my target. With IHP, I always felt supported and knew that for any questions I might have about literally anything, the team would be willing to answer and support.”

Huyen My, Hanoi

”I loved IHP coaches so much, not only because of the knowledge they gave me but also the motivation they brought me. They supported me from the smallest things, and I am grateful for that.”

Pham Le Minh Hien, Hanoi

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